Capstick & Wagg

In 2013 India Russell wrote The Lane to Paradise - Felix A Celebration, as a memorial celebration of her rescue cat, Felix, who died at home in August of that year at the age of twenty three. India Russell had a small number of copies printed for private circulation and, due to the enthusiastic response, Capstick & Wagg was set up in 2014 to market the book.

The Lane to Paradise - Felix A Celebration reads as a story made up of letters exchanged between five cats (with one moving letter to a human) interspersed with poetry by India Russell. The book is dedicated is to ‘all those who work to alleviate the suffering of animals and their environment and foster a respect for Nature.’

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The Kaleidoscope of Time — A Journey (CD)

A unique recording of a performance at The Barbican Library, November 17, 2008, given by India Russell with music and soundscape by Simon Brewin. In this dramatic version Simon Brewin's haunting interludes set the tone of India Russell's poetry chosen from her 2007 collection The Kaleidoscope of Time.


India Russell‘s poetry is concerned with spiritual dimensions particularly with regard to the natural world and man‘s relation to it. Her fourth collection, Pattern & The Golden Thread, was published this year by Paekakariki Press. She has performed at many venues and festivals, including Hay Literary Festival 2000 - 2004.

Simon Brewin is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who performs regularly in a variety of styles both in the UK and abroad. He composes original music as well as themes for TV and film.

Cover: The Balloon by Christine Hunt, inspired by India Russell's poem of the same name and shown at The Inner Landscape Exhibition, Hay Festival 2001. Graphics: Sally Jane Hurst Bo.K Designs Studio Editing: Simon Brewin

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